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[November the 19th]
              Add me on    x0deejay0x    for updates. :)



[January the 25th]
http://www.petitiononline.com/TTMoM/ Please sign to cancel Tila Tequila's appearance @ Millions of Milkshakes

Re-post or twitter it.

Hmm [April the 20th]


I made that to post theme-related quotes.

I really don't know why. ha

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Sigh, help me anyone?? [March the 26th]

Does anyone have ribbons (pixels/ graphics/ or even icons) for Apraxia? plain blue ribbons? or someone could make me one?
I have looked at plenty of graphic pixel sites for ribbons for my disorder but I never find anything.
Except for this super big graphic on a webiteCollapse )

Thanks. =]

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Credits [ Public Post ] [March the 15th]

Icon Credit

Click here

Graphic Credit

Click here 

Myspace Credit

Click here

I've made a great promotion community.
You can add tags.
For example, you can put (graphics, icons, pixels, clothes, jewelry, etc)
If you looking for a specific community you can just look through the tags.

I would LOVE for you all to post there.
You can post your communities and other sites. Such as myspace and twitter.
You can post without joining. How fun is that?




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♥ LOCKED ♥ [Public post] [March the 5th]
[ mood | crazy ]

lecollage Comment here before adding me. Tell me a little about yourself & where you found me.

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